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“Daylight Moon” cover art by Stephen T. Johnson

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“Daylight Moon” is a full-length 12 track album that explores the themes of love and escapism over stark psychedelic undertones. The alternative folk-rock stylings of the music are subtle and calming, yet the lyrics leave plenty of headroom for contemplation. “Daylight Moon” is very much an original sound that’s been in development for well over a decade.

“There is something about the melodies he writes that makes you think of Elliott Smith. “Daylight Moon” is a very enjoyable album. Fans of Elliott Smith, Neil Young and Elvis Costello should enjoy his music.” – The Equal Ground, Indie Music Blog



Praise from my lovely fans

“I can’t stop listening your music. You’re amazing.”
— Val Raven (@ValRaven7) May 4, 2014

“Well, I just bought the album Daylight Moon on itunes :P It’s amazing !”
— Christelle (@crazy_kiwi27) March 31, 2014

“you are definitely very talented and something about your music reminds me of the legend that is Jeff Buckley.”
— Danielle. (@yellie_burrell) April 6, 2014

“Your album daylight moon is great! I like the style of your music project, you solo?”
— Armandp (@Armandp77) April 19, 2014

“Thoroughly enjoying your album. Thanks, i have a deep appreciation for your melodies..Beautiful music!”
— Jenny Adams (@mlb_lady) May 5, 2014

“Thank you for introducing me to your dreamy voice / tunes. You are my official drift away after shitty day man. Beautiful. x”
— julie manifold (@juliemanifold) May 28, 2014

“listened to your stuff and it’s really good! You’re very talented & your sound reminds me of Elliott Smith.”
— Ayela (@ayelaaaa) May 8, 2014

“Unique, refreshing and rad.”
— Yvonne R. Slone (@rollingslone7) April 30, 2014

“just listened to Send Me Away…….3 times!! Think I might be a fan, love that song.”
— Tracey Blades (@TraceyStellaB) May 22, 2014

“Excelent Album. It’s awsome how you play the guitar. Greetings from Perú”
— R. Robin Laurente D. (@LaurenteD) March 19, 2014



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