Welcome to my site! My name is Ben Myers and I'm an independent singer-songwriter from Kansas. My songs are based in blues, rock, and folk, as well as having strong pop influences. I've been making music for over a decade and have released 3 studio albums over the past 4 years (and 7 "demo" albums prior to those!) - all as a solo artist. With each new work I've tried to raise the creative bar even higher!

My music is personal, fun, and dreamy with hints of psychedelia. My more abstract lyrics have been compared to the style of classic poet and romantic dreamer John Keats. My musical inspirations are mostly drawn from my ever-growing library of musical greats from the classic 60's to the alternative 80's and everything in-between and around.

I'm very proud to introduce to you my highest personal bar raised yet, my newest album, "Daylight Moon".
“Daylight Moon” is a full-length 12 track album that explores the themes of love and escapism over stark psychedelic undertones. The alternative folk-rock stylings of the music are subtle and calming, yet the lyrics leave plenty of headroom for contemplation. “Daylight Moon” is very much an authentic sound that’s been in development for well over a decade.

Listen to selected tracks on the site-wide player or the full album on Spotify.

"Daylight Moon" is available for purchase as a CD or digitally directly from me, the artist, from my site store. You can also find my albums on iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp.

My Albums are FREE to Download!
I love giving my music away for people to hear and enjoy! If you feel you love the music, please consider donating a little for the albums or sharing with a friend. I'd love to keep bringing fresh and exciting music into the world.
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"Myers is a brilliant song-crafter with real textures that pull you in and hold you close." - Global Texan Chronicles

“Daylight Moon is awesome! There is a clarity and depth to his lyrics… a feeling of truth.”Stuart Saffery, Channel Radio UK

“…dreamy, ethereal, and beautiful. His music reflects on the different aspects of life, love, and frustration.”Sound Waves, Music Blog

“There is something about the melodies he writes that makes you think of Elliott Smith.”The Equal Ground, Music Blog

“Myers’s voice is sexy and charming resembling a Yorke/Foster manchild, which is definitely a plus. … the instrumentals sway magnificently with voice.”Sputnik Music

"He captures the mystery of the nature of songs in their boneless, yet, so powerful existence." – Ours Magazine

“He’s got one of those sounds that feels like a peaceful Fall night. This music is literally for everyone… a calming break to clear your mind and go to a peaceful place.”Samantha Pollard, Music Blogger